some thoughts

I was 13 or 14, typical horn dog. When I wasn't sleeping, I was jacking off. God, I wanted some pussy so bad. One day while I was jerking off in my room, I heard some noise outside my window. I thought " oh shit someone is watching me." I got up and peaked out the window, I saw this huge German Shepard fucking my dog. At first I was going to go out and break it up, but then I saw a rather big cock ramming Sally's pussy. I watched, seeing a cock go in and out of her pussy got my cock rock hard. He humped her for about 5 minutes, then they turned around ass to ass. After about 10 minutes, they separated, his cock slid out, and dog cum ran out of Sally. Her pussy hole was wide open. His dick was much bigger then mine. By then I was so hard I came in 3 strokes.

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