My little sister is less than a year younger than me. When I was seventeen I was really sexually frustrated dating a girl who wouldn't have sex, and I got horny a lot so I spent a great deal of time fapping and just fantasizing in general. Then I started noticing that my sister had become fairly attractive (pic is her). It was strange because although I love her I have always found her disgusting due to her habits and personality, yet at the same time I found myself fantasizing about her when fapping and having wet dreams about fucking her.

I began sneaking into the room she shared with my other sister (14 at the time) and watching her as she slept. This quickly turned into me sneaking in naked and fapping in front of her. As I got more confident of her heavy sleeping, I risked touching her hand with my cock a few times. I was barely able to grab the tissue in time before jizzing like a motherfucker. Those orgasms were incredible.

I began feeling guilty about all of this and decided I had to quit if I was ever going to become a normal person (I still believed that was possible). So to end things with a bang, I decided to make the last time extra special. That night, she was sleeping on her back with her whole upper body above the comforter and her head tilted slightly toward the open side of her bed. It was perfect, which is why I decided to make that the last time. I snuck over to her bed in the middle of the night as usual, dropped my pants and started fapping. But as I felt myself approaching climax, I stopped, leaned in very slowly, and lightly kissed her on the lips. She barely sighed, still asleep, and I very nearly came right then. But I knew I wasn't finished yet. I got as close to her as I could and took my cock in hand. I brought it up to her mouth and touched it to her lips, dripping precum and all. I was terrified she was going to wake up and scream and my life as I knew it would be over. But she just turned her head slightly, moving her lips across the skin, and LICKED HER LIPS, and consequently, THE TIP OF MY COCK. I felt the explosive orgasm coming and tried to pull away in time, which I mostly did, but a small amount of semen landed on her cheek. I had to stifle a deep involuntary moan, something I had never experienced before. I lay there quietly breathing on the floor for a few minutes, then snuck back to my room to sleep like a baby. I was scared to death the next morning that she would know after waking up with dried semen on her cheek, but she apparently had no idea. I couldn't believe my luck.

In the five years since, I have had sex with four other girls, and none of them have made me cum as hard as that night. I can't imagine ever being turned on by my sister like that again, but I can't deny that it was the most powerful orgasm of my life.

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personal experience? WHy did you post that!?