omegle.com, fuck.

Stranger: i do bussiness here...by talkin to strangers!!
You: right
You: have you had much success doing that?
Stranger: yup!!
You: what is your business?
Stranger: if i say tht u can be ma partner then?
You: well it very much depends!
Stranger: okaii..
Stranger: should i tell u?
You: sure
Stranger: luk m having ma bussiness of import n export...
Stranger: n also can make anything whatever u want>>
Stranger: i can send u anything u want n u can sell that..>>
Stranger: if u can!!!
You: so you can make me a car
You: or a computer
You: or some shoes
Stranger: i can povide u whatever like gucci, armani whatever u want>>
You: ohhhh
You: fashion
You: i see
You: man gucci is like my favourite brand
You: we should do business
Stranger: okaii...
You: im gonna need 500 gucci handbags
You: as soon as possible
Stranger: i'll let u know everything>>
Stranger: is it>>
Stranger: really?
You: yeah totally
Stranger: wt's u r having there..??
Stranger: store or u already in the bussiness??
You: i run my own store
You: we sell handbags, accessories etc
Stranger: tht's cool:)
Stranger: what's u'r name then>>>>>
You: christian
You: yours?
Stranger: u can call me deepss:)
You: hi deeps
Stranger: right now m having the pics of shoes but for men>>
Stranger: hey there..
You: ah ok
Stranger: u want girls right?
You: well i dont want shoes
You: i want handbags
Stranger: okaii..
Stranger: i can send u those too..
You: great
You: 500
Stranger: okaii..
You: can you make 500?
Stranger: how many u want??
You: 500
Stranger: okaii..
Stranger: may i know the place of u'rs?
You: england
Stranger: okay!!
Stranger: deepakcool_1986@yahoo.co.in
Stranger: this is ma id>>>
You: superb
Stranger: mail me what ever u want>>
You: this is going well
You: ok thankyou
Stranger: i can send u sme pics for ladies garments if u want right now..
Stranger: those i have sent italy>.
You: oh wonderful
You: yeah
You: if you could send my the pics
Stranger: n m all real..!! trust me>>
You: i need to see some examples of tits and ass
You: oh i trust you!
You: dont worry
You: we're business partners now deeps!
Stranger: hope that u serious!!
You: of course!
You: the internet is serious business
Stranger: i knew it:)
Stranger: so when u gonna mail me??
You: i just emailed you my first commission
You: i've ordered 250 of the armarni nipple tassles
You: and im going to need 1000 prada thongs
You: can you do that?
You: have you got the email yet?
Stranger: just checkin..
Stranger: wait..
You: i'm waiting, don't worry
Stranger: nuthing i got:(
You: oh fucking hell
You: right
You: i'll send it again
Stranger: take it easy>>
You: well
You: i have a horrific temper
Stranger: gimme u'rs>>
You: i can only apologise
You: my?
Stranger: id>>
You: my what sorry?
Stranger: email id>>
You: oh of course
Stranger: y r u soo confused>>
You: because i'm angry
You: i get confused when i lose my temper
Stranger: calm down lady>>
You: whoah
You: stop right there
You: i'm no lady
Stranger: okaii...
You: i told you my name was christian
You: does that sound like a bitch name to you?
Stranger: i can only apologise...
Stranger: is it okay now?
Stranger: can i call u bela.?
You: hell no
You: are we doing business or not?
Stranger: okaii....christian...>>>
Stranger: is it gud>>
Stranger: ya we r going to do bussiness..
You: excellent
You: now let me just find my email identification number
Stranger: what's u'r store's name?
You: ah
You: my store (:
You: something i'm very proud of
You: i call it
You: 'assmasters'
Stranger: hahhaha...
You: ?
You: something funny?
Stranger: everything!!
Stranger: hahaha..
You: i'm not laughing.
Stranger: y r u wastin ma time>>
You: what?
Stranger: go on...
You: go on what?
Stranger: i told u to gimme u'r id miss christian>>
You: i'm fucking finding it ok
You: fuck
Stranger: ok!!
You: i'm getting doubts about this deeps
You: stop fucking with me
You: giving me this 'miss' shit
Stranger: eyy m all real okaii..
You: it won't do
Stranger: i told u ma id>> okaii if u want anything then juss mail me okaii.!!
You: i have
You: oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
You: deeps
You: i gotta go
Stranger: ok!!
You: i'll be in touch, if the email comes through this afternoon, get to work on that order
You: 2010 is going to be a good year for us
Stranger: only then if u gonna mail me>>
You: incredible
Stranger: eyy luk i can't compel u for this if u really wanna do sme thing then mail me whatever u want for u'r ASSMASTERS......okaii..!!!
You: splendid
Stranger: isn't it goin great?
You: as far as i can tell
Stranger: don't worry m not even gonna wait...as far as possible...!!!!!
You: excellent
Stranger: i think we were dancing>>
You: i never stopped
Stranger: that's nice.>>
Stranger: i told u that u r not gonna believe...as u did..!!
You: i told you i would believe you!
You: should have had more faith
You: we're business partners now
Stranger: ya i know..!!!
Stranger: what'll u do to make faith in me>>
You: post you a cheque?
Stranger: is it?
You: enit
Stranger: okaii..
You: you ok?
Stranger: ya as always>>
Stranger: u can say..
Stranger: we r bussiness partners i knw>>
You: excellent
Stranger: exellent 2..
Stranger: ny thing u wanna ask?
You: yeah
You: what do you charge per unit
Stranger: i'll first do the coventions then i'll let u know..
Stranger: as u r in england!!
You: ok
Stranger: it usually depends upon the quantity...
You: 500
Stranger: also on the diffrent design..
You: whatever is the most intricate you can provide
Stranger: if u want only one design then the cost would be less>
You: one will suffice yeah
You: i want to keep it simple initially
Stranger: if u want the different designs then the cost can be increased..
Stranger: okaii..
You: no just one design
Stranger: will u be able to sell only one design?
You: that's not your concern
You: once i have the bags, you'll have the money
You: i intend to pay you up front
Stranger: nopes!! i'll show u the designs..
You: then sell the bags privately in my store
Stranger: then u need to pay me 20% first n 80% after sending the order>>
You: i'm more than happy to pay 100% up front
You: i have faith
Stranger: ok!!
Stranger: it all can possible if u gonna mail me>>>
You: of course
Stranger: mail me then when ever u want>>
Stranger: u wanna ask ny thing else?
You: i think that covers it (:
Stranger: u say>
You: pardon?
Stranger: ask me anything if u want?
You: ah no
You: it's ok thanks
You: i think we've covered everything for now
Stranger: yup!! but i know that u r not gonna mail me>>>
You: why do you say this?
Stranger: i believe that>>
You: this upsets me
Stranger: then mail me if u really want..
You: i am
You: i need to consult my business partner aswell of course
Stranger: i can give u ma cell no too if u want.?
You: this would all have been a huge waste of time if i didn't intend on ordering
Stranger: if u want to confirm>>
You: ah yeh ok
Stranger: yup!!
Stranger: 1st i'll show u designs..
You: 0777696969getrealhuni420
Stranger: is this u'rs>>
You: yeah
You: what's yours?
Stranger: wait..
Stranger: 919878989668
You: it begins with a 9???
Stranger: +919878989668..
Stranger: that is code..
You: ahhh ok
You: thanks
Stranger: mail me up when ever u want>>
You: sure thang
Stranger: n try to control u'r temper>>
You: will do!
You: ;)
You: you there?
Stranger: yup!!
You: oh sorry i thought you'd gone
Stranger: wanna say sme thing?
You: o no
Stranger: eyy can u do one thing for me?
You: just checking you hadn't gone
You: yeah sure
You: what is it?
Stranger: m gonna start with ma stuff..okaii..
You: ok
Stranger: can u study some stuff regarding ma brand>>
You: certainly!
Stranger: if i say to make some samples..then can u do that>>
You: yes
Stranger: like after studying the diffrent manufacturing units in england>>
Stranger: it's gonna be really hectic....i think..!1
You: oh ok
Stranger: eyy will u do that??
You: of course!
Stranger: i'll show u ma designs then>>
Stranger: eyy luk the way u r responding i think u r not serious about that..but m pretty much sure about this if u gonna take this seriously then we can make good money>>
Stranger: if u want only then>>
You: yeah i don't know why you keep having these doubts
You: do you have your own website set up yet?
You: i think that'd be a wise move
You: we can get more people looking at the designs
Stranger: ya i have booked the domain name>>
You: great
You: what did you choose?
Stranger: weshoppe.com
Stranger: it is under construction as ma product is not getting completed..
You: yeah that's fine
You: the name will work aswell
You: nice and simple
You: memorable
Stranger: but ma brand name gonna be "style engin"
You: cool
You: what inspired that?
Stranger: can i tell u about it>>
Stranger: if u r not gonna laugh>>
You: please
You: nope
You: not gonna i promise
Stranger: i wanted to start ma own brand of cars>>>but in that i need much money...so i choose the clothes...n after making money i will go with the cars>>
Stranger: if god wants>>
You: thats cool
You: cars would be a very expensive thing to start on
You: clothes is wise
Stranger: i made designs for that>>i sold them out i did many things>>
You: you sold the car designs?
Stranger: ya..
You: who to?
You: a manufacturer?
Stranger: yes!!
You: wow
You: that's crazy
You: who?
You: which manufacturer?
Stranger: it's long story>>
Stranger: m crazy enough>>
Stranger: ny ways u say>> wt's u'r story?
You: i'm a graduate
You: i have my store
Stranger: ok!! m also graduate>>
You: excellent
You: we have an advantage then
Stranger: sure!! if u want only>>
You: yep
You: one day i want to move my store to london
You: oxford street
You: sell clothes to the stars
Stranger: if u want any kind of help...in designs then u can ask me as ma sister is fashion designer>>
You: thats ideal
You: what has she designed before?
Stranger: he designed for levi's, pepe, gowns.....
Stranger: she's also having store in australia>>
You: does she have a website?
Stranger: i think not!! she also had a fashion show..made a collection on egypt>>
Stranger: i having those gowns yet>>
You: thats good
Stranger: so wt makes u to come up here in omegle?
You: boredom to be honest
Stranger: okaii>>
Stranger: m igetting u bored?
You: oh no
You: i'm fine
You: i mean i came to omegle because i was bored before
Stranger: :)
Stranger: do u got b'f>>if u allows me to ask this thing>>
You: no i havent
Stranger: ok!!
You: you?
Stranger: same here:>> girls like me but m kinda shy>>
You: ah right
Stranger: waitin for good girl to come>>
Stranger: even m virgin too>>
You: oh ok
Stranger: i think it's gettin personal>> okaii..mail me what ever u want okaii>>
You: ok sure
Stranger: should i leave now or u wanna ask me some more?
You: up to you man!
Stranger: as u say>>
You have disconnected.

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That1ChickOnOmegle said...

Stranger: 36ยบ
You: earthling
You: why is voldemort on mars
You: if hell is not on mars
You: no one will tell me
You: hello
Stranger: well
You: they say he lives in hell but is on mars
Stranger: hell is on mercury
You: then what does it mean?
You: Is he really dangerous?
Stranger: so-so
Stranger: sometimes
You: They say he is more powerful than hong III
Stranger: when he is angry
Stranger: its a lie!
You: why is he angry
You: so hong III is more powerful
Stranger: 1½
You: okay
You: so i contact the earthling hong III first
You: and then we fight voldemort
You: on mecury, not mars
Stranger: thats it!
You: thank you, earthling, i now have enough information
Stranger: ok
You: voldemort is in hell on mecury, not mars, hong III is powerful
You: and i have his address
Stranger: yeah!
Stranger: go on and fight!
You: it is past three stars
You: in three years i will
You: and maybe you will hear of it
You: or ten years
Stranger: im sure i will
Stranger: 7 years i think
You: seven ears is sufficent to take over planet earth?
You: years not ears
Stranger: its enough
You: i dont have ears
You: oka
Stranger: yes, sure
You: then will prepare my jedi slaves
You: and first get rid of traitor from enterprise star ship
You: he made an earthling suspect me
Stranger: u r the right one!
You: i do not know in what, we were disconnected
You: my communication device has bad connection
You: bad translation
Stranger: r u passing through a black hole?
You: no, i have not left yet
You: i amsitting and looking out transparent surface
You: at surface of orange planet
You: we will land in five hours
You: to get supllies
You: and i will destroy traitor from enterprise
Stranger: be careful with the meteors
You: good advice
You: i will maybe destroy his ship with one
Stranger: u can land in deimos
Stranger: fobos is very dangerous too
You: yes and i want my ship to be in good condition for earth takeover
You: thank you for information earthling
You: i disconnect communication we are getting closer to orange planet
You: bai bai
You have disconnected.