drunken rant

pretty pissed, really wanna go out, due to certain reasons dont have a phone, wondering the streets of east london with no idea where your friends are is SHIT. Wanna chat mad shit but not quite drunk enough to do it. The last week has been shocking, no riding due to a hideous shin, picture would follow biut i dont have a FUCKING phone, and no one is man enough to drink and the girls are shit, funny fannys arent good. so instead i'm sat drinking a pint of strongBOW listening to guuci, rock star lifestyle PARTY PARTY PARTY lets all get wasted. FUCK not having a phone. bin watching mad episodes of the american version of the office, its brilliant after the 1st series, downloading mad doom metal and reading truman capote, perhaps there is a reason why i'm feeling ever so slightly depressed. ROCK STAR LIFeSTYLE

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