dont know if this is going to work cos,well....dont know how this works but if it d'unt copy that and have a ganders anyway 
cos it's fuckin wicka team.if you like reconstructions of tupacs slaying through gta footage,which i do.
watch all of it,weeeeelllll tense.



I have had lots of fun in the last two days. there is lots of sweet street, and a bowl where i am the only local. And I got sun-bird. You're all jealous. I'm going to borrow a camera to show you how good Southampton got while I've been living at the level.


o god

been fliken thru jew tour pix, picked out these as my favourites.

here is epic superman backflip, v. lol i think.

here i dont know whats happening, looks dangerous.

an here, gary young who is a real life rider who ive heard of and seen in real life, this trick is probably photoshopped.



just some thoughts on these two foods. had vegemite earlier, usually a marmite eater. tempting to want to compare the two, however realistically they are two seperate entities and both have a time and place. it is unfair to pit them against one another. vegemite is australian, this is lame and makes me think its bent, although, whilst you might just palm it off as a pussy marmite actually it can be enjoyed as a mellow alternative for when youre not really up for full flavour eg. hungover perhaps. on balance, actually i do prefer marmite because its less queer.


wafflefries do LDN...

...but did no riding as it rained. we just went sightseeing instead. raced through oxford street traffic, it was like NY.


play this, and finish it, so nice


i may be a bit behind, but anyone seen the competition video of dakota roche hitting the big hip at the level?... stupid high.

its on the main site (click the trophy) if you havent. 


pic of me by merlin

more stuff

danny - pegless rail

brazel about 15mins before breaking his hip

merlin - pedal ice

mat - ice