sooooooooooooo good...

i know stan is going riding today back in sweden, i'm off out in a bit an for anybody else who might be heres a little summing summing


i should get money for being this damn good...

shinning from wafflefries on Vimeo.

dom an gale came up for marvs video launch an got some clips. does anybody know if i can get any free editing software of the internet, the stuff that comes with the flipcam is whack!

big dunc KILLS it...

this is some of the footage dunc has been collecting for the video he an merlin are currently making


clearly you are wrong...

where i go to pick up girls

wahhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the lads

the stoop next gen

the women who seemed in charge of this was miming to some song about an english country garden an telling people she loved their smiles, clearly of her trolley on something

the good type of scooters


basically everything i do now is for stan...

he better appreciate it. i was going to give the next post i did a real good funny title but i just had a massive pizza an now i cant think.


song of the week...and more...

i wanted to post no cars to go by arcade fire, obvi, n that reminded me of the mike mo section in fully flared n the lotek vancouver piece(of which i cant find any video so i posted a dope eddie c piece instead) so you get all 3 for your viewing pleasure

good morning


good old fun

ampm vids get me stoked on riding so i think you should check their site and buy their video's. I wanna go riding in new york!!!!


danananaaaaaaa na eastenderzzzzzzzz

mile end is my local now

me, bowl an neil went an rode this mini in a warehouse in the east end built by a friend of neil. It was super dusty, pretty slippy an the coping fell out of one end if you land hard but it wa super fun, plus it was the 1st time bowl has ridden since he left sweden. he couldnt walk the next day.

marv n benson just before marv broke his camera

big dunc at a kller spot in hammersmith


drunken rant

pretty pissed, really wanna go out, due to certain reasons dont have a phone, wondering the streets of east london with no idea where your friends are is SHIT. Wanna chat mad shit but not quite drunk enough to do it. The last week has been shocking, no riding due to a hideous shin, picture would follow biut i dont have a FUCKING phone, and no one is man enough to drink and the girls are shit, funny fannys arent good. so instead i'm sat drinking a pint of strongBOW listening to guuci, rock star lifestyle PARTY PARTY PARTY lets all get wasted. FUCK not having a phone. bin watching mad episodes of the american version of the office, its brilliant after the 1st series, downloading mad doom metal and reading truman capote, perhaps there is a reason why i'm feeling ever so slightly depressed. ROCK STAR LIFeSTYLE