xmas in ldn with the killah

view from a members only bar in soho, no phones allowed but i aint afraid

oxford st. pretty init

snowman on a car

tea anyone

slam city skates crimbo do

views from bowls pad, came up

insanely good

i know its not exactly a xmas post but i've only just sin this an its stupid. songs dope as well.


everybody is a cunt

this is the brick someone used to smash my lock an nick my bike. my teeth are chattering coz i took some weird pill last night an i'm listening to a live version of hurt by the nine inch nails, the future dosent look bright, the world is doomed.

holy explosions

matthew peter devine has a little interview up here


its piss crazy lesbians

just watched nigella lawson on tv, she is utter filth.


whistlin' past the graveyard

there once was a lizard, all he desired was to be king, he didnt care how it happened as long as it did. in the desert dunes he bumped into jim jones, jim told him that all he would need to do to fullfill his dream was to move to a mystical city called los angeles, start his own rollerblading team and enter the exgames. the lizard told him to fuck off because rollerblading is gay.


FUUUCK! JR flexington!!!

soooooooooo many things i wanna say about this video but instead i'll just suggest that it is impossible to make the entire SIX!!! minutes with out at least cracking a smile. mr jr was a pro skater on girl but then decided to retire an concentrate on this, was it wise?