no gag reflex...

tried to be arty while drunk, didnt work

found this hat in a kids play park, think merlin is the only one who could pull it off

duncs video is going to be a super joint



benson making a waterproof suit while we were having a water fight nh

niall dancing like a crab

bob with a sketchy smith

merlin does what merlin does...nozzer


song of the week...

you got to hold and give and do it at the right time. john barnes spitting bad lyrics and peter beardsley looking like a mong, best world cup song ever...


there are 2 more in this series by element, all pretty sweet but this is my fav, check the rest here...

hunting for...

urban an that

merlin doing ledgeride to corner wallride

bowl actually bought this in a pub, he paid money for something that i'm not even sure mike would eat

cuddles in the sun, nice...


epically BURRed

got a load of photos that i've bin slack on uploading, as i'm hungover i thought i'd make a start

stan came back for a night, we partied...

in NYC

I have a garden, it has pink flowers, our next door neighbours are old, when there back door is open it makes our garden all stank up

my dad has moved to london as well

st.pauls is a nice place to sit off an have a tescos based munch


I am Zlatan


song of the week...

lacks this week but i have an extra special one for next week an the world cup

i think i might have beaten the comeup with this, if not my bad, the 1st crash is so epic.

on this i defo aint beaten the comeup but its really good so i dont care

Manna Machine from Manna Machine on Vimeo.