shameless self promotion

wiping stuff off my harddrive and was bored last night so made this.

ok you're a goon, what's a goon to a goblin?

3 days til weezy goes to prison. the young money album is amazin, especially this because its got gucci on aswell. listen to wayne euuuuueeeooooooeeeuuughin'

Gucci's armed and dangerous
Cocaine, Codeine, and Angel Dust
This AK 47'll hitchu everywhere from ankle up

wolfs teeth muthafuckaaaa
Futuristic handgun if you act foul you get two shots and one
I'm at your face like mancum
You niggas softer then roseanne's son
You cannot reach me on my Samsung






made this awhile ago.. could be alright as a sticker i reckon. its better if the tiles are surrounded by transparent stuff but guess thats not possible for the stickers? the image has transparency anyways...


( . )( . )

15 Things Worth Knowing About Breasts
Via: Online Schools

Kodak Zi8 Test from da waffle on Vimeo.

Putting this up for stan cos he can't watch it on tumblr for some reason. Also, im all about wafflefries, but i dont think wafflefries is all about my gay pictures, thus my own site. its a wafflefries subsiduary - wfrs? wafr? i dunno. maybe ill post bmx stuff on both?



does anyone have any ideas for a wafflefries sticker? we already have 3 designs and hopefully mike will be printing this week so if anyone has anything hit one of us on the beeper asap.

i had this in my head all weekend thanks to buzzo so now everyone can.

also big adam hunt has some sweet looking test footage from his new camera up on his site which you can peep by clicking on the link - wfrs


Meat Head

even my mum was ashamed of me bringing her home, she pulled me aside, and told me i can do better than "butter faces"

adam the doom metal rapper

my mate bruce went for a nautical theme

pretty thing

photos from the old mayor/salute show last saturday at the old blue last in ldn, it was sick to see mad peeps and adam an owen were tight, especially considering they havent played together for bare months.
photos spotted on the vice website, taken by sam hiscox who has a million websites but here are a selection = longtimedead $ daygloposter $ madparties



just saw that fresh posted this already. oh well.

Nothing more happened on the passage worth mentioning; so, after a fine run, we safely arrived in Nantucket.

no where i went this weekend really let you take photos. apprently the strippers dont like flash photos and the rich bitches in shoreditch house wont even let you use your phone so all you've got is a photo of bowl passed out roughly 4 feet from his bed and a steam train, because i do like trains. in the future i shall try harder to sneak pictures of women, both naked and rich. mainly the rich old women though because thats how i plan on making my living in the future.

I woke up to a topless girl handing me a blunt. Candidate for greatest wake-up ever?

big dunc wins...word is he has some clips in marvs new feature as well, big things. soco.


trunk musik

introducin yelawolf. white alabama rapper with a savage flow and good beats. listen to trunk musik first, then watch the video for pop the trunk. hes done tracks with raekwon, juelz, and bun b so hes pretty serious. i reckon this is original. hes got wolf in his name aswell.

heres his mixtape



If i'm not hungover, near death, and wondering what i did the night before life is not worth living.

weekend update when i can be bothered. i think this is dope, there is another one from the same series on this kids vimeo page, its by circa but aint quite as good.


the answer

I don't know too much about these people. Die Antwoord is apparently Afrikaans for 'the answer' though. I don't know what or who its for, but the beat is huge, the lyrics are tight and the production is pro as fuck. DJ hi-tek looks pretty terrifying at times, but Ninja looks wicked nh. fuck, this is like the coolest song i ever heard in my whole life.

i need your protection nh



Gifs at Giftube.com

throw a stone to wake a serpant

this a redit of the latest flip video, apparently the bloke didnt like the soundtrack or segues. peeped on youwillsoon where they love their black metal, a lot. geoff rowley may look like a smack'eeeeed but is dope, not sure about the all white outfit an mix n match shoes though.


swang real wide

didnt go in to school today. the reason for that being, i have 50p in the world and im so hungry i cant move. also when i woke up and looked outside there was a blizzard goin on.

my flow is sicker than cancer mayn



flip diddy flip 2...

who wins mike?

mat .DEvines section from si's video, again from soco...

oh, cute smile................................................................nh

this is milo at our members only disabled toilet, here we store our booze at art opening, sometimes we make sandwichs, all the time we drink cider. the last time i asked a german girl if she wanted to get naked in here, she said no.

bora looks sad here coz the 2 beauties below had just told him that the lorry they were driving had just crashed into a bin. the lorry was carring an orphaned chinese panda, if i didnt get something to eat in the next 4 minutes it would die. bora well likes pandas and was not impressed to see them eating crisps an reading the argus instead of getting it bamboo.

bare weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

this is where me an fresher hold the wafflefries nh fight club

you find some odd things just lying on freshers kitchen floor



flip diddy flip

iains been in brighton this weekend, we filmed a few clips. this is my sweet version of what happened, iain's gonna do his and then then mike is choosin which is best.


i deserve an oscar an emmy and a grammy

this is sick, wayne, em, and travis barker dropping the world. drake joins them to do forever!


Garrett Reynolds Early 2010 Edit from Premium Products on Vimeo.

jibbed from dah streets

my mate yeah!...

me old mucker adam is back from travels next week (being a gypsy in asia or summing) and is playing a free show with his band old mayor at the old blue last in ldn on sat 13th o feb, worth a watch...

it also gives me an excuse to repost this...


song of the week

really this is just video of the week as the song is not that strong, for cudi, but i'm on a cudi trip and there is no end in sight.


i was thinking last night, and for some reason i thought about bob scerbo icepick grinding a rail backwards in 'can i eat?' after checking with stu and watching it again, its true, this section is super cute!

david icke

i dunno what to make of this, but its pretty interesting either way

this is rad, i wanna do these things