big adam also made it over to austin for a little bit

just how we rolled

my new peice



coming home from austin tomorrow where i have had an amazing time, though i am worse on a bike then when i left. met some absolutely brilliant people and drank more then i ever had, drank so much whiskey with jared last night that i threw up an then slept in a bush next to the highway while he pulled his gun on people in the flat to make them leave. pure japes.


straight maccin

"NICE TRY" first promo from PRIMO on Vimeo.


sxsw is finished and my body and brain are fucked,, partying for 10 days has messed me up. got some cool pics to upload when i get home, saw some good bands and some seriously hot girls, good times. you can see some of the carnage on the lights in the woods site.



music and footy

this will destroy youz from liz russell on Vimeo.

Zidane - This Will Destroy You from Cesc on Vimeo.

drunk from austin

i spoke to fresher earlier on facebook an he wanted an update from ausstin, as if ads picture update wasnt enough. its well hot, everybody has sunburn, ive been drunk every night for at least 5 nights, ive pulled at least 1 ugly girl so i could stay in her bed rather than the floor of the apartment, bora has been playing 2 well fit girls, an for some reason, even though they have met each other twice, has managed to get away with it, which is why i'm able to do this as he isnt here an i'm on his mac. saw 'this will destroy you' earlier and it was amazing, the girls over here are super hot and apprently katie perry is gping to play so i'm defo going to bang her. the levis tent gives out free t's so that means i dont have to wash any clothes an rick ro$$ is playing so basically i'm a g, also i shot my 1st 9mm handgun, io wasnt very good an some bloke had a full on sniper rifle.



banging out the austin media, and im not even there.