soundtrack 2 my life

just one of those tour style videos, but it's official. probably spanked the budget on the last couple of studio videos. you see drake at the end, these dudes gotta work together soon!


bowl loves weezy f baby. fact. or not. you decide.

bowl just sent me these pics. its of him 'working' at some swanky hotel in ldn. the naked man in the bed is his pimp. apparently last night he had his hair cut by kylie minogue or summing. i was going to make up a story about him busting lil wayne out of jail an drinking grape soda with him but bowl made it very clear that he really doesnt like weezy, just toto apparently.





i think travis barker is fuckin cool. here are a few videos showing why i think he is so cool. hes done awesome drumming for blink 182, then gone on to work with the biggest names in rap. hes worked with soulja boy,the game, lil wayne, eminem, drake and now kid cudi.

that one goes to oli adamson, adam booooorrer, will spence and brightons most handsome man danny caleb

that ones for iain and young chreezy

t barker is a dude


that treeeeeee

snoop & cudi, from snoops new album more malice, out today

produced by diplo, chorus is groovy and the rest of the album is groovy

what do you call a man with a spade in his head?

i dig this video, quirky like

the riding in this is cool, really not that into the music though, i realise not all riding should be too weezy or explosions in the sky but i just aint digging the noise stuff in this, last clip is a sure fire banger.

super chill little edit/ad. dig it.


mainly for fresher an fresher jr... nh

after freshers last post i was flicking through the related videos an spotted some things about kobe bryant an lebron james. i dont know shit about basketball but these are impressive and the songs are huge. also if kobe can beat a clear cut rape case he has to be big news in LA.


i like kid cudi

i like vitamin water

song of the week

this is done by jason schwartzman, the odd looking actor bloke from most of wes andersons films an slackers etc.


Giving up the gun

i've never given vampire weekend any time, but this video is groovy. RZA, jake gyllenhaal getting wasted, and lil jon as a tennis coach...

giving up the gun - vampire weekend

800 - the story of blogging mythology

wafflefries has reached 800 posts, probs the most posts ever on a single site ever, i wouldnt believe anyone who says otherwise

the attack of the giant bumble bee

devil horns raised

street art is still cool yeah?

i like being in a city where one of the major brewers is me

the best chicken burger in london, apparently it seems i took a picture of it on a bench, perhaps to try an show it in all its glory before i munched down on its greasy goodness

on st. patrticks day me an bruce went to a shit bar called trafik on old st. to pass time we stole all the books of matches from the bar an wrote things like fuck

i worked with my mate adam for a few days, he came to work in his brothers pj's and ate his yogurt with a bit of cardboard

he definitely will




originally from malice in wonderland, remix with Bun B for MORE MALICE

gid it in gid it out

this is pretty evil

song of the week


front page news

rhys has finally got round to posting this edit on the internet, me an him made this the last weekend we both were in bristol, front page of the comeup bitches. CAME UP!

Readers' gif

this cutey comes from reader sam hiscox


best bunnyhop ive ever done. tuck knees in and dont look down? CHECK.


spreading the word

He passed out drunk on top of me. Fully erect. Still inside me. Woke up like 1 minute later, and continued.

So I went on a date with this girl...and whos our waitress? My girlfriend got a second job she didn't tell me about to afford my bday present.

dude we were spooning naked in bed with her ass in my crotch. she sharted in her sleep all over my dick.

I remember going home with 2 girls. Woke up with 4.

i went to disney world today with my friends, met snow white, then saw her later at a bar. she is naked next to me in her bed, passwed out. when you wish upon a star...

and then she said I drew a line on her forehead with my cum and whispered "Simba"

these are some of the entries on textfromlastnight which you should check out, some of the stuff on it is insane, it does get a little addictive though

I woke up laying in alphagetti with the message "I'd go get checked asap" written out in the letters.

i'd like to point out that, incase anybody thought otherwise, the title for this post is not an extract from my life, though i sort of wish it were.

spotted on defgrip. nh but the production on this is intense

this on the other hand is the complete opposite but banging none the less

living a life in ldn at the mo, sleeping where ever i can an working 10hour days, with the bags under my eyes i'm beginning to resemble a smack 'ead.


song of the week...

go check out bowlfacekillah and big dunc on the comeup if you havent already

What are you gayyyy

Fuck off with this little wayne bullshit. no one gives a shit.

(In wafflefries land)


i'm putting pussy on a pedastal

i aint the biggest weezy fan but after listening to 'you aint got nothing on me' i have to say he is the is biggest biggest motherfucker, he's getting money like a mother fucker he aint got nothing on on me, she ld me i'm i'm a blast i'm a stud. basically weezy f YOU. baby. he's HUGE. by the way i' DRUNK!


dj khaleeeeeeed

this is a few months old, but im puttin it up because dj khaleds second album just came out

epic video which ends weirdly

just found this one aswell, only came out this week, pretty cool aswell LUDAAAAA

Hoder - because he's rad

Mike Hoder from Lotek on Vimeo.

HODER'S BACK! from Lotek on Vimeo.

im livin lyfe right now mayne


this is just fuckin huuuuuuchhhhh, 1st single from his forthcoming album 'thank me later'

looks like his artwork is gonna be awesome aswell

also, today is the day lil weezy finally goes to prison (in theory)



bang bang you dead bitch

the bone deth video is out soon an i'm supper excited coz there will be zombies and naked scene chicks, i'm not a 100% alex liv is even in it but this section is rad anyways.

on an unrelated note snoop dogg is on bbc2 right now, he's on that show called monk about a spastic detectve with ocd

drop the world video!

not even watched this yet, needed to post it here first...


watched it now, and as much as it pains me to say, its actually kind of generic/a bit weak. still awesome to see wayne and eminem got the video done though, unless anything happens again its prison for weezy tomorrow.


"strange are the things music does to me" - fuck off you fucking bellend

i just watched this an thought of stan, nh, because of all the little flip things an spinny round twirly bits, an there was a bit of snow. i've just finsihed working a billion hour week and have found out that, like a pregnant women, if i stand up for to long my feet swell up.

song of the week & video of the week

really pretty dark

i've not really listened to the actual song but this video is truely dope - if they actually did it all in one take

haggler buzz barn ccc!

this is sick, haggler shinin on the dig website, andy is too good. also puttin this up cos its the buzz barn!

this place is pretty cool for the winter, mainly just to dick about in, the field next to it is also full of shrooms and rabbits and fucked up old vehicles, best bit is its a 5 minute ride from my house yeeee.

if you watch it you'll notice a few things. andy is wicked, the ramp is so small and tight its near impossible to do anything. ccc graffiti all over the ramp courtesy of monkey. deans laugh at the end, lol!


Gifs at Giftube.com



actually, no need just yet. having got let off for his 8 root canals, wayne got off again today because of a suspicious fire at the courthouse... dunno if hell ever actually go, hopefully not.


birthday iain

its a repost but i think it would help iain have a better birthday if he listened to it.

this is my first post and it feels good.

ive had such a sweet day today, its summer in brighton for a bit. even did a few tricks today and me and alex are going to see the xx later, gonna get lifted first.

happy birthday man.

call it a re-up.


adding this, just heard it.