a story

weee so i was riding with wakey on wednesday, riding the flatbank to wall at brookes wheatley. we got to ride it for more than 2 hits so i was well excited. after about ten minutes the bloke that lives in the wall came out and wakey was talking to him, so i went for one more run... basically looped out on the wall (retard) and fell to flat, slammed pretty hard on my hand. thought it was ok, just sore, but i couldnt ride on it. then on friday night me and wakey went into oxford to meet some people, i dosed up on valencia ibuprofen (all gone now :( ) but didnt really plan on riding, so i took a rucksack full of beer. we got into town and there were about 25 - 30 riders by the station, it was fucking bizarre! so i got drunk, heckled, and then slowly started riding... as people slowly left i was getting more drunk, and riding more. at the end of the night we'd set up a step up, pretty big an all... big enough so most people werent riding it anyhow. so then this one kid (must have been about 14) was pretty good, and was eyeing up the 180. so i made a deal that id bars it if he did the 180. so after a few trys he pulled it so i gunned the bars, was pretty loose and didnt really know what had happened til i caught the bars. BASICALLY a good night all round. BUT then the next day my hand really hurt. AND NOW im bored of writing and im a bit loose so im rambling - but BASICALLY i went to hospital this evening and ive got a broken scaphoid (some bone in the wrist) so i did the bars up the step up with a broken wrist. IM A WINNER>




gunna stop the whole white for ages thing tomorrow, off ldn now innit.


have the day...

off from work an wanted to go riding but its wet so instead i decided to move to LA an be an actor in movies, this is a trailer for my 1st feature...

then i decided i actually wanted to get more into the production side so made my 1st music video with my boy million $ mano...

bin a busy day so far


this weekend...

while riding at the lloyds big 3step in bristol i saw a kid whip the lot on a microscooter an then i got snaked by an extreme uni-cyclist, didnt get any pictures as aint got a new camera but i wanted to post something anyway.

what am i wafflefags?

In the dark, you can only see my eyes and teeth.
I eat nothing but fried chicken and watermelons.
I'm not married to my baby's momma.
I've been to prison at least once.
when I'm driving, you will feel me coming before you ever see me.
I'm bad at any job unless it involves talking with a beat or picking cotton.
What am I?


soooooo much...

unnecessary anger.

Well done, Iain

Look what you've done.


This place is a shambles.
You let every Tom, Dick and fucking harry sign up.
Next you'll be letting FAT Dayson and Trendy Lewes post.

卐 卐 卐



Cameron_Edit from Cameron on Vimeo.

more stuff...


do the impossible see the invisible
touch the untouchable break the unbreakable
what you gonna do is what you wanna do
just break the rule, then you see the truth
this is the theme of G coming through baby!

power to the peeps, power for the dream
still missing piece scattering, so incomplete
we be the most incredible soldier from underground
see how easy, they all fall down
digging to the core to see the light
Let's get out of here babe, that's the way yo survive top of the head, I'm on the set
do the impossible, don't you wanna bet?
cuz, alot of things changed, we be waiting in vain
if you wanna get by, no pain no gain
wow! fakers wanna test me again
sorry, my rhyme's gonna snatch your brain
we gonna make it happen with te crazy rap
we gonna make it happen with the crazy rap skill
get ready to rumble, now is the time
if you don't know, now you know

2nd verse dedicates to the real peeps
what we got to say us so real thing
cuz, revolution ain's never gonna televise
kicking the mad flow, microphone phenotype
open your third eye, seeing through the overground
I'm about to hit you with the scream from the underground
whole city is covered with the cyber flavor
G is in your area, one of the toughest enigma