Well have you heard the word about the bird and the spider?

sorry i couldnt find one without the annoying advert at the beginning but i dig this song currently

this is also huge, thanks to chris fresher jr for turning me onto it



2 friends are putting on this show in bristol, if anyone is around or intrested it should be pretty good, booze an that as well at the opening

last night i was a dickhead

went to an art opening last night, the bar lady fancied rhys so we got ridic sized vodkas an juice for a £. loads of them laater mixing with the black rat already in my belly i was violently sick all up myself. these are some pics from before it got to so disgusting

bird i was trying it on with

weird bloke


lets go down river

the devil/coolest person alive

mike at his crib with his baby an babys momma

zombie rastas attack - only jah can save us now

salad tossing?


a concept with somewhat disparate meanings in several fields

freshers edit will be up tomorrow ... promise

where my bike belongs

i cannot wait to wach this show, heavy hit after heavy hit i'm sure

bruce's drawing


freshers fantasy

romper fresher - his edit should be up later in the week and contrary to what i had said fresher actually didnt want jay-z or the et theme tune.

just how he does

the man an soon to be legend that is chris fresher

bruce is a bad man

owen is magical


it began on the streets of china

one of bowls b-day presents was a trip to a footie game between a team from stockholm, who we were supporting, an a team from gothem, who batman was supporting. they didnt seem to like each other an as we were sat with the ultras (can only assume its a shortened term for ultra hard) i was a littl ebit pensive. though i did learn a couple of chants, my fav being "everybody from gothemburg is called glen" closely followed by "nobody in gothemburg makes cars". the swedes cant even do hooliganism right. tits.


wafflefries n steak, best dinner!

art fag


dance gif Pictures, Images and Photos



bowl talking to stan about boning swedish girls

on the night of bowls big boirthday bash we went to the park by his house an found a rave going on, bit weak but i dont think the swedes really know how to rock the whole crusty thing, too clean cut.

building 'n' wires

booze an that

my boy, spent most of my time just chillin with him

funny as fuck...


full fresh

should be doing a full peice on fresher, might be used in the next props or summing,along with chris fresh jr an gordon, parently it will be just et's an the music will be either the et theme tune or jay-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


promotional wet wipes - perfect for advertising or as a gift

not bowls gaff

bowl doing his best rocky impression

the swedes are dirty

bowls gaff


i am uniquely positioned to take you into the middle of another side of technology

every morning me an stan would take hits from this bong, neck a 40 ounce an then get our hustle on