yes, of what car magazine

me and fresher are going to join the hells angels

D Watts scally bastard

Oh, and eventually got round to watching the whole of Banned 3 and its fuckin ace, reminds me of old bmx vids, haha!!



these cats use fire extinguishers to paint throw ups - spotted on skavenger

this was on tcu so i guess some have sin it, but its got a dope song an the barspinny manual thing this chap does is off the hook so needs to be watch again


grimey life 2

this doesnt look anywhere near as bad as it is in the photo, but its some sort of bird meat, and its fucking old and its gone quite dark, the stuff around the sides appears to be onions.

grimey life


Alan spent a great deal of his young life walking alone in the woods near Swaffham.

ahhhhhh ladyboys - new years an a tribute to partridge

this girl actually had a full back peice of micheal jordon slamdunking scribbled on her

his n her uggs are THE gayest thing

david james doll

shine blockaz



goin into wafflefries 3rd year and its gonna be the best one yet mayngsssssssssssss


couple of months old, but 3 siiiiick gucci mane mixtapes. he released them all on one night, each is hosted by a different dj.


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