had the day off today

so went an rode st. georges, which is mental

after banging on about the garrett reynolds part in the nike video realised that edwins sections in all day an can i eat are both much better!


the nike bmx video

people really have to watch the garrett reynolds part from the nike vid, wanted to post it here but i cant embed it, he is seriously nuts an the ender is out of hand.


bowl with a bowl

cant remember if this has bin posted before but i just like laughing at what bowl looks like in it, an the fact that he used to do tricks

a weekend in 2 cities

dunc doing a 180 smith 180 pivot out thing
merlin didnt actually pull this fakie hop,but he did pull a bigger 1 the day before which i didnt get a photo of so this sort of counts



A man walks into a bar. The bartender asks, "Why the long face?"

The man responds, "My crippling alcoholism is tearing my family apart."


i just got...

a new camera, so get ready for loads of out of focus, pointless photos once again. here are some i took tonight to get used to it. enjoy.


Gifs at Giftube.com



we just posting shit off digg now are we bora? I must have seen that thing 30 times today. first time i wet myself a bit.

so winters coming, there aint no media... so over the next few weeks you are going to be treated to my back catalogue of footage, stolen mostly off fez, and mostly dating from 2002-2003.

first up we have 40 seconds of me, proving once and for all that i havent progressed in 6 years.



does any 1 want to go to spain in january? or just somewhere warmer an with sun for a bit, maybe 10 days 2 weeks? also has any 1 else sin the levi's video, the last dakota, nathan williams an corey section is INSANE. an i'm bored. oh an i'm going to brighton on the weekend, possibly LDN 1st, if fresher or adam are up for a trip?



bora...wow, is that the same white middle class prick with the silver spoon inserted so far up his tight arse (working in construction...a lame attempt to remove himself from his cushy little upbringing £££££££££). it must get boring chatting soya milk with merlin.
get a coke habit mate, do us all a favour.
ginger prick.