summer '08 vid

banged it out! 3am, pretty sure i win. i downloaded after effects and got excited, so sorry for the semi-arty intro. not very waffle i know. i make up for it at the end, promise.


my names blackman...

an i ride for the hood. i know its on defgrip but its fuckin poppin.

Skavenger Pop Off... Mini Vid... Off Pop from Defgrip on Vimeo.


got back from spain where it smelt of piss an rained, riding was good though, not many pics as my camera has got a cracked screen. i'll post some better 1's later. an mike if you read this can you post up a pic of the ro$$$$ shirt, is it finished yet?



1. Go to http://ema.mtv.co.uk/vote/
2. Scroll the bottom of screen
3. In the box titled "nominate," select "Best Act Ever" in the drop box.
4. Type "Rick Astley" in for your nomination
5. ?????

my new sleeve


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got some new footwear an fresher told me to put up a flic
so i have. sorry bora but couldnt find any vans, note the
insoles though

also, got given these pegs to try the other day, they aint going
me bike though, mental drilling.


Gifs at Giftube.com



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k late pass and so on, but saw this again and fuck me, epic lols were had