weekend away

batter-the-sea power station is pretty epic

southbank wit street brews is always nice

merlinator sighting

my man brazel
tom an adam straight 'laxing


my new fav park

where i hid from some of the stupid amount of water that fell on me over the weekend

that podium tv show where people stand on that platform for an hour an can do what they like, just after i took this the women lay down, i guess she'd had a heavy night



know peeps have probs sin it but it is pretty huge


cannot believe these

absolute cunts, they play polo! on their bikes(1:40). also who throws a fixie(3:20)?

Gorilla in Paris from Gorilla Bicycles on Vimeo.


these fools were in a 2 hour queue to the see the banksy exhibit at the bristol museum

they should of just come to me an i could of done erm a cracking doodle

my current favourite spot in bristol, i pretend i'm in nyc. i am quite bored at the minute.


some hd on a horrible day...

at least it is here, summer sucks when it rains. i do now really want to go to nyc an see the 4th of july fireworks.

Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks in New York City: Canon 5D mark II from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.


i know...

these are both on the comeup but maybe you dont check that coz your cool, now you can see 2 good videos an still be cool by not going on t.c.u(i'm cool coz i use abbreviations)

Van Homan Will Save Us.. from james cox on Vimeo.


listened to a lot of pap on wednesday night...

forgot how good he was

bournemouth is really depressing

i dont get why old peioplpe move there, i'd much rather go to vegaas, or even some woods an see how long i could survive for, it would be more fun an less miserable

what we mixed with cider, not very nice

the best looking thing in all of bournemouth

me as a kid


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gangsters and liverpool

defo not going but really want to

there are windmills in the picture but my camera werent good enough, scousers are well green

2 x lids

well 'ard