here's a thin napkin

this is what the swedes call a 'longship', they rowed them across to england in the 70's an stole all the prozzies to repopulate their country after they cut all their womens heads off for acting like ulrika jonsson

this is where sven goran eriksson lives, there was a mental coke party here where his missus nancy did a little strip tease

i'm currently watching late night hollyoaks on 40d, this bloke is the newest star, he's currently rimming a scally northern blonde.

i just finished this peice when the swedish po-po walked up, i was all like "fuck i'm going to get done" but then they saw who it was an the were all "fuck your well hard you can do whatever you want,peace"

i built this while i was over there, the gotham city locals were well chuffed

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