This is serious business

Hello people.
Splendid day today.

Sooooooo, this is a story all about how Me(bora) and Iain(grumpy) became official models for Nike.

Me and Iain and a few others(they are not important becasue this is about us <3 nh) were riding around The Level doing MADDD stunts and what not.
I go and sit near the lone 1/4 and 2 people come up (A guy and a girl I would seriously consider fuggin'/fapping off too) they ask how I am doing and say they are casting for a new Nike range and asked if I would like to be in it. I naturally asked a few question. Such as; What it involves - Being filmed doing what ever we do in Life whilst wearing Nike(Trainers and a T-shirt).

After the short explanation they ask me; "Do you know who that Nigga is?" I was taken back by this question as both people were white. They point at Iain(who is black), I think PRIIICCCKKK in my head and say Yeah, that's Iain. I shout at him like I'm cool and he comes over. They ask him the same stuff and he says "Yeah!!" in a real excited tone, too.

We get our photos taken. Profile, Side profile. full body shot and bike! They take our Phone numbers and age.
They ask us a few more questions like; "What do you do during the day?" and "How often do you ride?".
We answer these as seriously as possible. We talk some shit. (note; not at the same time. Modeling is a serious business)
They say they will contact us and say "Thanks" and "Bye" and walk away.... Into the sun, which was NOT setting.

I'm bored now, so...

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