800 - the story of blogging mythology

wafflefries has reached 800 posts, probs the most posts ever on a single site ever, i wouldnt believe anyone who says otherwise

the attack of the giant bumble bee

devil horns raised

street art is still cool yeah?

i like being in a city where one of the major brewers is me

the best chicken burger in london, apparently it seems i took a picture of it on a bench, perhaps to try an show it in all its glory before i munched down on its greasy goodness

on st. patrticks day me an bruce went to a shit bar called trafik on old st. to pass time we stole all the books of matches from the bar an wrote things like fuck

i worked with my mate adam for a few days, he came to work in his brothers pj's and ate his yogurt with a bit of cardboard

he definitely will


huh-huw wuh-huh said...

a twix is a good spoon for a yogurt, done it loaddds of times.

Fresher said...

assuming you are rich enough to afford both a yoghurt AND a twix, come on bruv