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He passed out drunk on top of me. Fully erect. Still inside me. Woke up like 1 minute later, and continued.

So I went on a date with this girl...and whos our waitress? My girlfriend got a second job she didn't tell me about to afford my bday present.

dude we were spooning naked in bed with her ass in my crotch. she sharted in her sleep all over my dick.

I remember going home with 2 girls. Woke up with 4.

i went to disney world today with my friends, met snow white, then saw her later at a bar. she is naked next to me in her bed, passwed out. when you wish upon a star...

and then she said I drew a line on her forehead with my cum and whispered "Simba"

these are some of the entries on textfromlastnight which you should check out, some of the stuff on it is insane, it does get a little addictive though

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